A Way to Surf

To DO list: 1. learn to fly. 2. fly away.


The Cities, the Nights, the Rain, the Car Lights

When you arrive at a fork in the road, take it. Yogi Berra One rainy night of March, a while ago, I arrived in Lisbon. By that time, Lisbon was supposed to be the endpoint of a 2 years long, nomadic trip around Europe, including Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lagos, Bilbao, Donosti, Milan and many other places …

A Way of Colors. Walking on a Dream. Lauro Samblas

Maximo Contraste and El Médano (photo above) are two graffiti in the area of Vila de Gràcia, created by visual artist Lauro Samblás. He focuses upon handmade collage, and explores geometry saturated with colors and the emotion that light evokes. He creates artwork, set design and styling for Adobe Remix, Desigual, or Perrier, as well as graffiti and …